May 12, 2011

George Michael’s coming out and being gay is so annoying

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George Michael tells his Twitter followers regularly there are already 151,174 of them; its all part of the efforts of the north London based musician to bring him closer to the peeps, well not quite.  There is a massive constituency out there George who you have not only disgust consistently, but you have totally forgotten about.  And its not the young gay men you feel you have something to give to after being caught during lewd acts on Hampstead Heath, crashing your Range Rover at gay bar in Hampstead and the rest.

George, your family’s roots are from Cyprus, have you ever made any attempts to speak with the Greek community in London, to help the many groups that exist here?   Boy George who is of Irish ancestry, generously handed back a priceless icon to the same Greek Church in Highgate, and has been applauded in Cyprus and across the Greek Orthodox world, what have you done?

March 19, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris A Gay Hero

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After a highly successful preview at the San Diego Comic-Con, a musical episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, featuring Harris as the villainous Music Meister, premiered October 23, 2009, on Cartoon Network. As a character who could make anyone do his bidding by singing, he spent most the episode singing several original songs.

Harris starred in the movie Beastly, alongside Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens. He played a blind tutor named Will. The film was originally set for release on July 30, 2010, but was pushed back to March 4, 2011.

Harris is openly gay, confirming this in November 2006 by saying “…I am happy to dispel any rumors or misconceptions and am quite proud to say that I am very content gay man living my life to the fullest and feel most fortunate to be working with wonderful people in the business I love.”

Harris attended the Emmy awards in September 2007 with his partner David Burtka, later confirming the relationship, which began in 2004, in a interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On August 14, 2010, Harris announced that he and Burtka were expecting twins via a surrogate mother. Fraternal twin Gideon Scott, a boy, and Harper Grace, a girl were born on October 12, 2010.

November 14, 2008

‘Pregnant Man’ Expecting a Second Child

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The “pregnant man” who gave birth to a daughter earlier this year says he is expecting a second child.

Thomas Beatie, a married man who used to be a woman, has told America’s ABC News that after giving birth to Susan on June 29 he did not go back on the male hormone testosterone so he could have another baby.

“I feel good,” he told ABC News’ Barbara Walters. “I had my checkups … And everything is right on track.”

Beatie, who lives with his wife Nancy in Bend, Oregon, said the baby is due on June 12.

Beatie was born a woman but underwent hormone therapy before he was legally declared a man.

He had a mastectomy but kept his female reproductive organs when he underwent a sex change in the late 1990s.

He and Nancy decided they wanted to start a family and he underwent artificial insemination late last year.

Walters said on her television talkshow, “The View,” that Beatie had revealed his second pregnancy to her during an interview for a documentary to air on U.S. television Friday night.

Beatie spoke to Walters about Susan’s birth, which was not via Caesarean section.

Prior to her birth, he released a photo showing his bearded face and pregnant belly. It sparked a worldwide media frenzy

October 21, 2008

Mistrial In Britney Spears Driver’s License Case!

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A Los Angeles judge declared a mistrial in the Britney Spears driver’s license case Tuesday after jurors were unable to come to a unanimous decision, following nearly two days of deliberations.

“This is a victory for Ms. Spears,” the pop star’s lawyer, Michael Flanagan, told Access Hollywood shortly after the mistrial.

As previously reported on, Spears’ trial on the charge of driving without a valid license, began last Wednesday at a San Fernando Valley, California. Jurors began their deliberations after receiving the case on Friday afternoon.

The case stems from an incident in August 2007, when Spears hit a parked car, while parking her Mercedes. She left — without leaving a note.

The owner of the other vehicle later filed a police report and Spears was charged a month later with misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving without a valid California license. The hit-and-run charges were dismissed in October ‘07 after Spears paid an undisclosed sum to the owner.

Testimony lasted for about a day in Spears’ trial, though the pop star was not required to and did not appear at the courthouse during the case.

Twelve jurors began deliberating on Friday afternoon, but were sent home for the weekend by the judge after failing to reach a verdict in just over two hours. They deliberated again on Monday, and reportedly were deadlocked 10-2. It was not immediately clear which way the jurors voted.

Prosecutors had argued Spears was required to obtain a valid California driver’s license. Her attorney, however, argued that the pop star had a license at the time of the incident, from her primary residence in Louisiana. She has since obtained a California license.

Spears’ attorney, Michael Flanagan, had previously rejected a plea deal, which would have resulted in a $150 fine and 12 months probation for the singer.

October 20, 2008

Chevy Chase: ‘Big Mistake’ To Let Sarah Palin On ‘SNL’

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NEW YORK, New York –

As a former cast member and “Weekend Update” anchor, Chevy Chase knows something about “Saturday Night Live” – and he wasn’t impressed by what he saw this Saturday night, when Republican vice presidentialcandidate Sarah Palin made a much-hyped appearance.

“Quite frankly, it’s a big mistake to let her go on,” Chevy told Access Hollywood at the Give Food a Chance benefit in New York. “What was brilliant about [‘SNL’ chief] Lorne [Michaels] was that he had nothing written for Sarah and that apparently she cannot improvise herself out of a paper bag!”

Palin appeared in two sketches – the opening scene, and a second performance in the “Weekend Update” segment where she bobbed her head to an Amy Poehler rap song.

“On ‘Weekend Update,’ that was her big chance,” he said. “Nothing.”

But Chevy was critical not only of Sarah’s comedic chops, but of the political campaign of her running mate, Sen. John McCain.

“The management behind McCain’s campaign has been dumb. This has only helped accentuate the problem of his judgment in choosing, in such a cynical way, a candidate like Sarah Palin for vice president. I think the last thing that they would want right about now is to have the rest of America knowing all that… to have her be seen on ‘SNL,’ certainly never there. If anything, you just want her to be seen just from a distance.”

“I’m sure she’s very bright,” he added. “But so is the Butterworth woman.”Â

But Chevy had kinder words for Tina Fey, the “30 Rock” star and “SNL” alum who has returned to the show several times this season to play Sarah, including Saturday’s opening sketch.

“I think Tina Fey’s in a lot of trouble,” he laughed. “Because after Jerry Ford lost, I made about $80 million. Are you kidding? You’re talking to the wrong guy here. Tina’s great!”

October 17, 2008

Remember When…

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Talk about going from close to the top straight to the bottom!

Imagine once having your own reality TV show on MTV and being “hot”, to then getting it cancelled, splitting up with a blonde airhead of a wife, then dating a brunette airhead instead, and now ending up on the D-list.

Poor Nick Lachey. He’s had a rough couple of years lately!

The hasbeen was spotted Thursday at the Fallout 3 Videogame Launch Party held at LA Center Studios.

And Lachey was joined by other d-listers at the event, such as Mushy Barton.

Point proven.

Although, also in attendance was The Hills villain star Lauren Conrad with her non-boyfriend, Kyle Howard.

So many big named celebs it’s getting hard to keep track!

October 16, 2008

Silent Treatment Between Madge and Guy

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The latest development in Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce battle is that the two have not been on speaking terms for a while, with communication occurring just between their respective personal assistants.

A source close to the pair snitches, “It has become so bad that they cannot be in a room together for more than a few minutes without having a shouting match.”

We just hope it isn’t in front of the kids!

Another insider says that the Material Girl gave Guy an ultimatum: transplant back to the States or it’s over.

Even after talking a fake British accent?

Ritchie couldn’t wait until the conclusion of Madonna’s concert tour - the marriage has been dead for a while. Family and friends knew the state of things but kept it under wraps. The couple tried for years to reconcile - to no avail.

Even though there is no prenup and Ritchie stands to win up to $150 million in divorce court, the filmmaker doesn’t want any of it. Not a cent.

Or so he’d like us to believe!

Despite the silent treatment, a friend of Ritchie’s predicts a cordial divorce, as Madonna has already offered Ritchie ownership of a $24 million country estate.

That seems to go against Madonna’s onstage dish at her soon-to-be ex-hubbie at her Boston show last night!

October 15, 2008

Jury Selection Starts In Britney Spears’ Driver’s License Case

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Britney: get ready to meet your peers.

Britney Spears’ legal defense team headed to court on Wednesday, as jury selection began in the pop star’s driver’s license case.

Because the single charge of driving without a license is only a misdemeanor, Britney will not be required to appear in court during the trial.

Attorneys for both sides were present in the Van Nuys courthouse early Wednesday.

The judge met all sides behind closed doors for nearly an hour.

Following the meeting in chambers, Britney’s attorney, Michael Flanagan, told Access Hollywood they will proceed with the trial and jury selection will soon begin.

The driving without a license charge stems from the August 2007 incident, in which the starlet was videotaped as she bumped another vehicle while parking her Mercedes-Benz. She left — without leaving a note — after looking over the damage to her car from the fender-bender.

The owner of the other vehicle later filed a police report and Britney was charged a month later with a misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving without a valid license.

The hit-and-run charges were dismissed in October 2007 after Spears paid an undisclosed sum to the owner.

Last week, Flanagan, rejected a plea deal, which would’ve carried a penalty of a $150 fine and 12 months probation for Britney.

“A misdemeanor is a criminal offense and I will not plead to one,” Flanagan told Access Hollywood. “This [case] is a tremendous waste of time.”

As a result, Flanagan instead opted for a jury trial, which began today.

Flanagan has maintained that Britney was driving with a valid Louisiana license at the time, because she owns homes in that state.

However, prosecutors suggest because she has lived in California for quite some time, Britney was legally required to have a California license, which she has since obtained.

“The max you could get is six months in jail, but I’ve never seen it,” Flanagan said after last week’s hearing.

According to People, Britney now faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Nancy Reagan In Hospital

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Let’s hope this is nothing toooooo serious.

Nancy Reagan, has been hospitalized in LA.

The former first lady is apparently has a broken pelvis.

Reagan’s spokeswoman said that the 87 year-old fell at her home last week and decided on Monday to get checked out.

Doctors at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center diagnosed a fractured pelvis.


Her spokeswomen, Joanne Drake, continued by saying that Nancy “is in very good spirits,” adding that, luckily, surgery wouldn’t be required. Reagan is in some pain, though, and will have to undergo physical therapy.

Apparently last week, she got up in the middle of the night at home, twisted her leg and fell down.

With the pain not going away, Nancy decided to go to the hospital.

Drake added that Reagan “will remain at UCLA for a few days — until doctors are satisfied with her progress — and then return home. Her anticipated recovery is six to eight weeks, including physical therapy and a modified schedule.”

That’s good news.

The statement continued, “Mrs. Reagan is in good spirits, especially comforted to be receiving care from talented doctors in a world-class hospital named in honor of her late husband.”

Let’s hope for a speedy recovery.

October 14, 2008

Simon’s Cowell Secretly Sits On Cushions to Look Taller on TV

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Is he a shorty?

Celebrity Apprentice winner Piers Morgan claims that his goof friend, Simon Cowell, uses not one, but somtimes three cushions to boost his on-screen stature.

Does that make you feel like more of a man, Sir?

Piers and Simon are co-hosts on the U.K. show Britain’s Got Talent.

Morgan says, “If you look carefully.. Simon grows between shows. When we’re on Britain’s Got Talent he’s smaller then me, then suddenly his three pillows arrive and he’s taller than me!”

Loves Piers bitchiness!


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